January 14, 2018
REVIEW – SWISS Senator Lounge, ZRH – E Gates
January 16, 2018

REVIEW – SWISS : Business Class – Copenhagen to Zurich (A320)


  • Flight: LX1267
  • Class: Business Class
  • From: Copenhagen (CPH)
  • To: Zurich (ZRH)
  • Duration: 1h55
  • Aircraft: Airbus A321
  • Seat: 1F
  • Status during flight: Star Alliance Gold (Avianca Amigo Gold)
  • Booking type: Cash fare
  • Date: June 2016


SWISS LX shorthaul business A320 321 review

A beautiful summer’s day in Copenhagen. Given SWISS’ reputation as a premium airline I was expecting good things from my first flight in business class with them, albeit it on a short hop on an A321.

SWISS LX shorthaul business A320 321 review

I was greeted by name upon taking my seat but nobody offered to hang my jacket, or anybody else’s. The cabin manager did notice my personal bag and offered to store it above though since I was seated in an exit row.

SWISS LX shorthaul business A320 321 review

Decent legroom and I like that given the lack of a wardrobe, these seats have coat hooks. I was very surprised to see that ‘business class’ was just economy with an empty middle seat though. Even BA manage to convert the middle seats into leather topped tray tables.

SWISS LX shorthaul business A320 321 review

Prior to take-off, the cabin manager offered bottled water and moist towelettes to the business class passengers. I’m used to BA where no drinks are given before take-off and the heated towelettes are wafer thin and often drip all over you. Neither experience is particularly premium but I found SWISS’ take to be more functional and suited to my needs.

SWISS LX shorthaul business A320 321 review

Beautiful views upon departure from CPH. That thing sticking out at the bottom is part of a highway, bridge and tunnel combo that leads underwater on its final stretch, joining Sweden and Denmark. How cool is that?!

SWISS LX shorthaul business A320 321 review breakfast

Breakfast was a very light and simple affair. Warm bread was offered in addition to the bircher and the cold cuts. Both were relatively decent quality but this certainly seems a little stingy when compared to the proper hot breakfasts on BA. The coffee was moderately awful – as one expects on planes without an espresso machine. The smoothie was actually really good and I like how the water was served in a decently sized glass.

SWISS LX shorthaul business A320 321 review

As we approached Zurich the weather took a significant turn for the worse. An unseasonal storm was passing through and absolutely hammered the plane with rain.

SWISS LX shorthaul business A320 321 review

Despite the weather we landed more or less on time…

SWISS LX shorthaul business A320 321 review

…however the weather was so bad that airport regulations did not permit the use of jetbridges. Apparently lightning could strike them and we were therefore obligated to wait at the gate for half an hour, until we were given the all clear. My two hour connection was never in doubt but it was a bit hellish knowing that with each passing minute I was missing out on more time in the Whiskey bar at the senator lounge!



SWISS shorthaul business is quite a bare bones affair. No jacket hanging, an economy seat, no centre table and no hot food.

The service was very efficient and friendly but this was ultimately an economy experience in everything but name.

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